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The sky is the limit when drone technology and cameras are combined to create breathtaking aerial photography. We work with our clients to meet their needs, creating stunning video or photo stills to showcase projects, properties, and events. We are also happy to provide topographical data capture, including GIS mapping, volumetrics & thermal imaging. Realdrone applies sound principles of safe special flight operations in compliance with Transport Canada’s Regulations. We have achieved the highest drone license status attainable in Canada issued by Transport Canada: Advanced RPAS (Remotely Piloted Automated Systems) with Flight Reviewer rating. This means that we will be able to safely fly anywhere in Canada, including restricted airspace, any time you need us. Realdrone is fully insured with liability insurance for all jobs. We pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than perfection to our clients. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.


Brad Nesbitt

Advanced RPAS Drone pilot & Flight Reviewer

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Real Estate, Golf Courses, & Resorts

Showcase your beautiful home or property with aerial video, or get pre-construction footage for condo  or property development.   Videos can include key information about the property in text. Market your resort on your website, social media, or at trade shows with a comprehensive video featuring aerial shots, indoor shots, and text annotations.



Why use drone technology for mapping and topography in mines? 

Drones make rapid data collection and 3D mapping easier, faster and more economic. By leveraging computer vision, image analysis and machine learning, create immediate, repeatable results ready for analysis. 

Why use Photogrammetry for stockpile volume measurements? 

Detail matters in mining.  Drone technology produces more precise 3D stockpile models with highly accurate volume measurements than ones interpolated from simplified shapes. Not only are calculations of reserves based on geospatial data incredibly accurate, they also provide real-time updates on production progress and forecasts, stockpile sizes, and composition.  



Weddings, sports tournaments, and media events can benefit from aerial video coverage.


Drone/ UAV Training/ Consulting

Customized lessons from beginner to advanced for any type of drone. We are happy to help you regardless of the scope of your needs, from private drone pilot lessons to drone consulting for commercial applications and turn-key custom builds. 


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/ Agriculture/ Inspections/ Construction

We use specialized state of the art drone technology (Digital Elevation Mapping Services, DEM) to harvest and collect precision data and images for pre-construction and engineering.


Film & Television

We can film on location anywhere in Canada for cinematic B-roll services. ​

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